• Skydiving activity is carried out by our Sport Club for its members.
  • Initiation into skydiving can be done by performing one or more jumps in tandem or start an AFF course (Accelerated Free Fall).
  • SKYDIVE ATTICA Sport Club reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any kind of scheduled activity, due to technical and operational conditions (weather, plane availability, Air Flight traffic restrictions, etc.).
  • Flight activity is conducted according to Megara General Aviation Airport authority schedule.
  • The scheduled time is the time of arrival at the drop zone. The jump will take place in max. 3 hours from reaching the drop zone.


  • Access to the landing area is not allowed without permit.
  • Consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden 12h prior to and during the flight activity.
  • Smoking is allowed only in designated areas and far from any skydiving equipment.
  • Consuming food and drinks is forbidden in the packing area.
  • Children must be always supervised by an adult.
  • Pets must be supervised and should not be left without a leash.
  • We encourage respectful behavior on our facilities. Violence, both physical and verbal, is prohibited.
  • Licensed skydivers are responsible for packing the parachute they are using. Students may use only DZ equipment, packed by DZ staff.
  • In case packing is executed by the DZ staff, the parachute will be brought from the landing area with the toggles stowed and the slider uncollapsed.
  • Equipment inspection by DZ staff is required before boarding.


  • Depending on weather conditions and experience, the club reserves the right to restrict the access to fly.
  • Limitations imposed by the wind intensity are:
    • 16km/h for students and skydivers with less than 50 jumps;
    • Up to 25km/h for skydivers with 51 to 100 jumps;
    • Up to 30km/h for skydivers with 101 to 500 jumps;
  • Personal equipment will be controlled by our staff, including accessories (helmet camera, tracking suit, wing suit, etc.).
  • The use of helmet and visual altimeter during any type of jump is mandatory(except tandem students), audibles are also recommended (for free fly audible jumps they are mandatory).
  • Those who jump with wingsuit must have at least 200 jumps and 1 h freefall.
  • Students who have not yet obtained A license have the right to jump only solo or with holders of a USPA rating.
  • Parachutists who wish to accompany a tandem freefall (instructor + passenger) for fun or to film must have a minimum C license and 300 jumps, in addition must have the tandem instructor’s and S & TA’s permission (recommended 300 group jumps and wide flying experience before performing this type of jumps).