Skydive Attica sports Club, was created with passion for skydiving, and its members love for the sport .Relying on good weather, aircraft performance, new facilities, modern equipment and an altitude of 1200ft, we dedicate all our effort to develop skydiving in Greece, ensuring a lot of fun and memorable safe jumps for our members.

Skydive Attica is operating on a permanent basis at the General Aviation Airport, of Pahi/Megara. We operate Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (09:00-20:00) Our facilities can be easily reached by car (25 min drive from Athens) or by the suburban railway (Megara station).

The Skydiving School is under the auspices of Skydive Attica Club, which is a not-for-profit Aeroclub. The Skydiving School is licensed by the Hellenic Aeronautical and Airsports Federation, with the approval of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority and operates as an integral part of Skydive Attica Club. Skydive Attica Club is also recognized as an aerosports club by the Greek General Secretariat of Sports.

At Skydive Attica, the aircraft used for parachuting is a Cessna 182 with a registration of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), where the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority also belongs. Our aircraft is under the supervision of a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization certified by EASA so that it adheres to the highest stands of maintenance.